Lavender Cosmetics Pouch


This is a chic and kitschy Toiletry Bag that I have made in a Debbie Shore Print.

These are decorative shoes print. These shoes are called Mojris or Nagras or Jootis and are paired with traditional Indian clothes. The print has been designed by renowned TV celebrity Debbie Shore.

The bag is quilted and padded and has an extendable zipper for better access.

I have made it slightly taller than a standard wash bag so that you can fit bottles of moisturisers, shampoos, toners etc.

The bag measures at 9.5″ Height, 10″wide and 3.5″ depth.

It is pretty, spacious and tall 🙂

Washable too so definitely ecofriendly.

You can gift this to your Mum or aunts or young nieces or daughters etc. You can fill it up with toiletries and gift them along with it.

It can also be a project where you can even take a knitting project etc.

Dimensions 10 × 3.5 × 9.5 in


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