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I spent years working in the Corporate World and it was all great. But soon motherhood followed, and suddenly I did not want to take orders or meet deadlines from anyone else except the little one. Priorities changed and so did the cravings of the heart. I wanted to do more, something more fulfilling, more soulful, more creative and more personal. Even as the little human started to grow and taking up most of my daylight, I used to find myself drawn to things that I could first make for her, like quilts, duvets, fabric toys etc. but since I was also spending a lot of time at home, I started making things for the home, like wall hangings and cushion covers and table linen etc. And then I found Bags and Bag Making. I love bags and I love using different kinds of bags that match my clothes or moods…the latter being more important . And soon, people started asking me to make things for them and that’s how the brand Kaarukriti started.

Also…a big Also…. I wanted my little girl to know that Mum can be independent and a career woman even from home, that one can create a profession out of one’s hobbies, that it is good to have hobbies that make good use of your hands and mind and most of all, being self-sufficient and skilled can actually help you across geographies and can never limit your growth and potential as a woman.

We were Kaarukriti…but it’s been half a decade of that and as we turned a corner and got caught right in the middle of a historical year, I found myself wanting to bring about a change and making a fresh start. I have learnt a lot, experienced better and learning and growing each day. I do not want to put a pressure on the YEAR per se, but 2021 sounded better and seemed like a good time to change the overalls.

So as we start on a clean slate, with new products, new learnings, new dreams and newer connections, we are now called ‘THE GREEN SLATE’.

As we consciously work with greener and eco-friendly materials and lean back on age-old arts of making things and artworks, THE GREEN SLATE seems apt.

We at THE GREEN SLATE celebrate a life handmade, with a simple desire to embellish everyone’s lives with handmade knick-knacks and utilitarian products that are custom-made to suit your whims, fancies and desires. Sometimes we innovate, sometimes you ideate…and together we will create something beautiful that becomes a part of your personality, your life and living. 

The Journey Of Our Handmade Bags...

They have loved us over the years 🙂
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